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Talent Trends 5: Shh – We’re Hiring Quietly

2022 was the year of quiet quitting. 2023 is the year that talent leaders begin to fight back by developing methods of ‘quiet hiring’.

Quiet quitting was the trend of 2022 – employees refusing to go above and beyond the minimum required of their jobs. In 2023, forward thinking talent leaders will turn this concept on its head with “quiet hiring”. This will enable organisations to acquire new skills and capabilities without adding new full-time employees.

In practice – quiet hiring will include:

  • A focus on identifying internal talent and treating them as external candidates to promote mobility and address the priorities that matter most without changes in headcount
  • Stretch and upskilling opportunities for existing employees
  • Alternate approaches, such as leveraging employee networks and contract workers, to flexibly bring in talent only as needed

Adopting these approaches will not be a silver bullet for a talent leaders challenges but it could reduce the resource burden on the organisation and their teams.


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