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Talent Trends 2: The Post-COVID Plateau Of Productivity

Talent Leaders will begin to optimise the technology they were forced to adopt because of the pandemic. In cycles of tech adoption this is referred to the plateau of productivity.

From a recruitment technology perspective, we will start to see many organisations optimise the talent acquisition software they were forced to adopt because of the pandemic. In cycles of tech adoption, this is referred to the plateau of productivity.

Back at the start of 2020 - the pandemic forced organisations to digitise their hiring processes at an unprecedented pace, without planning and without piloting. Organisations adopted whatever technologies they had available to them, without being able to invest in implementation. There was little forethought and no alternatives or fallbacks. In many ways this enabled progress at an otherwise unimaginable rate – approaches which otherwise might have taken years to adopt because they were perceived as too risky, were the only options. As such they were rushed through. It was surprising how much worked. It was unsurprising that not everything was perfect.

Organisations will maintain these digital advancements for 2023, which have truly enhanced efficiency, productivity and effectiveness, and evolve the elements which were suboptimal. Teams have learnt how to get the most from technology-enabled processes over the last two years that they now have more digital confidence and a clear sense of the potential for technology-enabled hiring.


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