Dedicated to helping organisations unlock their potential through talent

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Our Mission

To create a platform that offers employers the insight and recruitment solutions they need for direct, scalable and cost-effective access to the high-quality talent required to meet their business objectives.

Acolyte is an entrepreneurial professional services firm that blends technology with robust insight to empower organisations who want to access talent directly. While our heritage is from world leading technology, legal, finance, strategy & staffing consultancies, our culture is dynamic, innovative and fun. By keeping creative thinking at the heart of our business and never settling for ‘good enough’, our people continue to challenge traditional recruitment models and help our clients drive the talent agenda.


Our Journey

We have been pioneering the importance of data and insight in finding the best talent since 2010. 



Acolyte founded to provide white label support to staffing sector


Acolyte wins ICAEW Advisory firm of the Year


Provide recruitment and data services to employers only


Began supporting internal recruitment teams


Launched the Acolyte Talent Platform

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Our passion for talent starts at the top

Everyone at Acolyte is passionate about delivering amazing talent and the positive impact it can have on organisations and the world.

This is driven right from the top – from a leadership team that are innovators and pioneers in their own right.

We deliver talent solutions for the world's leading brands