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Talent Trends 3 - The Niche Needle In A Haystack

The adoption of new technology is creating roles that require very specific skills. This is significantly shrinking the size of the talent market that recruiters can tap into.

A constant stream of technological innovations is creating roles that demand niche skills and experience. As organisations adopt new solutions, each requiring different user knowledge, their employees are making their role ever more unique. When an employee leaves – the vacancy they leave behind needs an ideal candidate with a very specific set of skills and experience.

Specificity in candidate requirements significantly shrinks the size of the talent market that recruiters can tap into. The talent market is already failing to keep pace with the demand for skills and the problem is only likely to become more acute as organisations continue to innovate in 2023.

To mitigate against the risk of losing key employees, talent leaders will need to ensure their workforce strategy includes these 2 elements:

  • Building their own capability through intelligent talent recycling, and succession planning
  • The adoption of next -generation talent intelligence/sourcing software that enables them to fully understand the precise talent landscape and then target this niche population.


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