Talent Diagnostics

Data to deliver 100% placement success for even your toughest to-fill roles


Fill every vacancy with Talent Diagnostics

Even your toughest roles...

For the first time, access precise analytics to immediately identify campaign challenges, isolate the cause, and provide recommendations to resolve the issue.


Instantly Unlock Hiring Challenges 

Identify & solve your biggest barriers to hire including:

  • Low candidate interest
  • Increasing competition
  • High salary expectations
  • Scarcity of skills
  • High interview drop outs
  • Rejection of offers
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Talent Analytics with Impact

Acolyte is a breath of fresh air! Our market is very competitive and visibility on salary benchmarking, candidate feedback and the diversity of the talent is so important to us and a big focus area - plus we are being introduced to great quality candidates!

6 barriers to hiring success

If you are struggling to make a hire it may be reassuring to know that there are only 6 questions you need to ask

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Diagnostic data is generated in real-time

For every role, Acolyte accesses thousands of data points and correlates live campaign data to deliver unprecedented insight into your talent markets and the behaviour of candidates within your talent pool.

Access critical insight that helps articulate issues, unlock barriers to recruitment success and ensure you can make the hires you need, when you need them, every time.


Total Transparency

Talent Diagnostics data is clear, concise and intuitive.

This makes it easy to digest the granular insight available, allowing you to quickly identify potential challenges and remedies.

Simple dashboards enable you to make stronger talent decisions and hire for even the toughest roles.

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Case Studies


A world-leading professional services firm had created their cyber security offering to help clients improve cyber resilience and protect their critical data. However, in a department of over 60 people, the cyber security team was almost exclusively white, male and primarily from a military service background.

It was recognised that the profile of the current team is unlikely to be representative of the wider talent market.


Through a combination of D&I Talent Diagnostics & Strategic Talent Intelligence, they were armed with the empirical data they needed to inform their broader D&I strategy. These key insights enabled them to effect behavioural change and broaden their talent attraction and retention strategies in order to maximise diversity amongst their cyber security team.


Since the receipt of the D&I intelligence from Acolyte, the client has transformed their approach to diversity hiring. For example, in the three months following receipt of the D&I Intelligence, of the 22 staff that have joined the team, 12 have been female).

Delve Deeper with our D&I Diagnostics

The intelligence and data you need to effect real, measurable change to attract and hire more diverse talent.

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