Digital Headhunting

The power & success of executive search digitised to scale across your entire organisation

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Transform the way you hire and retain the best talent

Exploit the power of smarter AI algorithms combined with decades of industry experience to identify the best candidates, across hundreds of sources, with pin-point accuracy.


Whatever the location, whatever the sector, whatever the level, Acolyte goes beyond the obvious to find and introduce you to exactly the people your organisation needs.


Artificial and human intelligence working harder for you

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Research: Uncover every candidate

Exploit the power of smarter AI algorithms, big data, and decades of award-winning research to accurately locate the best candidates, across thousands of sources, whether they are job hunting or not.

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Engage: Passive Talent

Acolyte has unprecedented access to the 90% of talent that is not actively job-hunting (passive). Each candidate receives a personalised job advert straight to their inbox to introduce your role.

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Promote: Active Candidates

Unlock the active talent market for every role. Each opportunity will feature on leading job boards and other proven advertising channels to maximise the number of quality inbound applications.

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Qualify: Meticulous Screening

Every application is meticulously screened, and each candidate personally appraised by experienced talent professionals, to ensure that you will only ever be presented with top, interested candidates.

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Deliver: The Best Candidate CVs

CV’s are delivered via our unique digital platform and include detailed guidance notes and a full commentary for every profile – making it simple for you to cherry-pick ‘the best of the best’ to interview.

Case Studies


As part of their post-Series C expansion across North America, Australia and Europe, a global Fintech company needed a dedicated talent partner to introduce them to the leaders that will deliver on their ambitious growth strategy as well as support their day-to-day recruitment activity globally.


They chose Acolyte’s Premium Search service to ensure they would be introduced to the very strongest leadership talent for their organisation. For other levels of staff, they chose Acolyte’s innovative Digital Headhunting tool.


They were able to make key C-Suite placements including their Chief Financial Officer, Chief Revenue Officer, General Counsel and Head of M&A at a fraction of the cost of traditional executive search alternatives.

Acolyte’s transformative talent solution is delivering outstanding candidates globally that just aren’t available through traditional agencies. I can’t recommend it highly enough!

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Total Transparency

Acolyte’s unique dashboard is transparent, intuitive and easy to use so you will always feel in control.

Log in to the Acolyte platform and you will see your campaign and
search results arriving in real time. Receive live updates to your inbox and effortlessly review, manage and evaluate candidate CVs as they arrive.

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Beyond Better Talent

The additional Talent Insights and Data you will gather whilst using AI Candidate Search 

Salary Benchmarking

Unparalleled access to precise salary benchmarking data for every role and location

Talent Mapping

Crystal clear talent heatmaps that shows where your ideal candidates are located and who they work for

Diversity Data

Powerful inclusivity insights that displays representation levels for each protected characteristic in your target talent markets

Competitor Analysis

Enhanced talent profiling and analysis of how competitor talent respond to your vacancies to create actionable tactical & targeted advantage

Market Intelligence

Critical candidate feedback on your opportunity and the perception of your brand to help inform and develop your Employer Value Proposition

Passive Talent

Find and automatically engage passive talent to ensure you speak to all of the best talent - regardless of whether they are actively job seeking or not

Future Talent on Tap

Pipelines of future talent - created automatically in the Acolyte platform - to help you to plan intelligently for the future and build for the company you’ll be tomorrow


The most effective way to attract, hire & retain the best talent for your organisation

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