Talent Trends for 2022 part 6: Technology continues to revolutionise Talent Acquisition


In this 6 part series we are exploring key talent trends for 2022 and how they will impact hiring practices. In part 6 we look at how and why organisations are increasingly eager to embrace new innovations in their search for talent and what this tech might include in 2022.

In the battle for talent, organisations need to explore any innovation that may provide an edge. Advances in approach, data availability and technology are making it easier to manage workloads and acquire top talent. This improves the experience of stakeholders, enhances productivity and drives competitive advantage.

One area where technology could be critical for talent team success is in the gathering and management of data. Without the right tools, teams risk being overwhelmed by an avalanche of information. New innovations are helping cut through the ‘noise’ to find important insights and hire the best candidates.

 The talent data that supports these insights, whilst extremely important, also creates an administrative burden. New technology, using automation and data processing, will allow recruiters to claim hours back. This time can be reinvested with the best candidates to increase hiring effectiveness. 

 In 2022, there will be greater adoption of technology such as AI-driven screening and data-driven recruitment platforms. The insight and time savings these tools can provide is key to unlocking a competitive talent advantage.

To read more about this and other talent trends for 2022 download the full talent trends report.


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