Talent Trends for 2022 part 5: Data analytics will empower diversity success


In this 6 part series we are exploring key talent trends for 2022 and how they will impact hiring practices. In part 5 we look at how progress with diversity and inclusivity has been hampered by a lack of detailed insight. We also look at how and why this is set to change in 2022.

Diversity and Inclusivity (D&I) is a major driver of effectiveness and profitability as well as being a force for social cohesion. This is why for the last three years at least 50% of talent leaders have identified D&I as their number one priority. 

Today’s candidates are more socially aware than ever before. The best candidates are increasingly seeking employment with organisations that share and support their values. 

Building and implementing an effective D&I strategy is not straightforward: 

  • Appropriate benchmarking data to support the setting of strategic objectives for protected characteristics is hard to find.
  • Effective reporting on performance is challenging. Most organisations struggle with limited visibility on D&I at an individual job role and location level.
  • A disconnect exists between strategic goals and operational activity. This makes it a struggle to identify problem areas and to define initiative success. 

In 2022, the growing adoption of new analytics technologies will provide the insight HR and Talent leaders need. This data will enable them to better understand, articulate and resolve diversity challenges.

To read more about this and other talent trends for 2022 download the full talent trends report.


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