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Talent Trends for 2022 part 4: New tech roles set to replace software developers as hardest to hire


In this 6 part series we are exploring key talent trends for 2022 and how they will impact hiring practices. In part 4 we look at how, while software developers are still difficult to hire, other roles are becoming even more challenging to hire and the knock on effect that this is having…

Hiring Tech talent has long been a significant challenge for recruiters. Demand for Software Developers is as high as it has ever been. However, in 2022 other roles are set to pose even greater recruitment challenges.

Data Science and Cybersecurity are two areas where the growing gap between available talent and organisational demand is causing significant resourcing headaches. Over the last 8 years, the number of Cybersecurity vacancies has grown by 350%4. Data Scientist and Data Analyst roles follow a similar trend with the number of vacancies growing 231%5  over 5 years.

This shortage of talent is creating wage inflation. Data Scientists, for example, can expect a base pay rise of over 20% when they change roles. This is significantly higher than the UK average of 6.6%6. 

To fill these roles, organisations need to build a value proposition that resonates. The only way to ensure effectiveness is to adopt a data-driven approach. This requires research on: 

  • Candidate profiles
  • Career aspirations
  • Preferred working environment
  • Salary expectations

 To read more about this and other talent trends for 2022 download the full talent trends report.


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