Recruitment KPI’s: Measuring Source of Hire


WHAT IS THIS KPI? Source of Hire (SoH) is a recruitment KPI that shows the relative success of the various recruitment channels used by an employer

WHY IS THIS METRIC IMPORTANT? By understanding from where successful hires originally entered their talent pipeline, an employer can effectively measure and monitor the performance of the component parts of their overall talent acquisition strategy.

The SoH metric allows employers to make informed investment decisions and allocate resources based on the recruitment channels that yield the highest volume and strongest candidates for each open position.

Poorly informed recruitment strategies can lead traditional in-house talent acquisition teams to revert to inefficient and potentially expensive recruitment strategies such as job boards, CV libraries or even external agencies. These traditional recruitment methods may play an important role in hiring, but uninformed over-reliance on these approaches can symptomatic of teams that are struggling and fatally undermine recruitment performance

To read more about how to measure recruitment performance in your organisation download this report.


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