How To Demonstrate Diversity Through All Of Your Hiring Processes


Attitudes to talent attraction, recruitment and retention are a key indicator of how invested management is in promoting diversity within an organisation. The following recommendations focus on actions that local management in your company can take to improve D&I performance throughout their recruitment activity.

Ensure that all participants in the recruitment process understand your values - Engage with everyone with recruitment responsibilities (managers, internal recruiters and external agencies) so they understand the importance of inclusivity to your culture.

Employ neutral language & imagery in recruitment branding - Use neutral language in all recruitment literature and job descriptions and ensure that imagery used in your broader employer branding is diverse & representative.

Target and monitor diversity recruitment performance - Benchmark, set targets & monitor the number of new hires your management team make from historically underrepresented groups.

Include talent with protected characteristics in all pipelines and shortlists - Ask your team leaders to build talent pipelines and shortlists which include a target percentage of staff with protected characteristics. Work with HR to identify barriers to achieving these targets.

Refine the interview process to maximise engagement with D&I candidates - Consider the diversity of your interview panels and explore whether you can support your managers by giving them greater awareness and training around challenges such as unconscious bias.

To read more about how to improve Diversity and Inclusivity in your organisation download this report.


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