How To Celebrate Diversity Success


As in any change management process, establishing cultural change and altering the behaviours and priorities of managers throughout the organisation can be challenging. Momentum is important and successes need to be acknowledged.

It is important to celebrate your journey to ‘best in class’ D&I performance and the opportunities that have been created for under-represented groups. This will have a strongly positive impact on existing staff and re-enforce the positive impact of inclusivity throughout the organisation.

Employers should highlight D&I policy successes whenever they occur

There is is significant value in an organisation celebrating the authentic creation of career development opportunities that they have been able to offer individuals from across all 5 protected characteristics

This can be done internally through an organisation’s intranet & in-house email circulars. Or externally through industry media and press releases as appropriate. Positive outcomes of a well implemented D&I strategy might include:

  • Promotions
  • Policy Changes
  • Alliances with D&I Advocacy Groups
  • Sponsorships
  • Creation of support groups

With the immediacy of social media and availability of news and other information, today's candidates are more aware than ever before. They are also more socially conscious, and the best candidates are increasingly seeking employment with organisations who share and support their values.

The positive effect that these successes will have on the perception of the company’s brand in the talent community should not be underestimated.

To read more about how to improve Diversity and Inclusivity in your organisation download this report.


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