How To Embed Diversity At Every Level


A culture of inclusivity requires acceptance and sponsorship at every level of an organisation.

Empowering local leadership to meet operational D&I targets and holding them accountable for diversity importance is an important step to ensuring diversity success. It is helpful to establish clear roadmaps of actions and provide management with an easy to use ‘toolkit’ of diversity activities aligned to the organisation’s overarching diversity strategy.

Below are some initiatives that can help create change at a local level:

Demonstrate Advocacy Sponsor and celebrate ties with local and international diversity advocacy groups such as Stonewall, Workplace Pride and OUTstanding.

Sponsor local diversity & inclusivity causes Show support for the causes that matter to your staff and to act as a visible sign of your commitment to equality to your local talent pool.

Obtain recognition from those that understand the challenges Awards and affirmation from local advocacy groups can be used as a powerful way of demonstrating your inclusive culture to future talent.

Recognise and act immediately on inclusivity challenges Proactively addressing D&I challenges can show how seriously you take diversity and re-enforce a positive message about your ongoing commitment to inclusivity.

Create champions to demonstrate success Ensure that prominent staff with protected characteristics in your team are visible, accessible and are pro-active about sharing their journey.

To read more about how to improve Diversity and Inclusivity in your organisation download this report.


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