Talent Acquisition and Analytics Platform

Helping HR & Talent teams find better talent where nobody else looks and solve challenges with insight nobody else knows

This groundbreaking solution starts with a unique search application that gives you direct access to every candidate at every level in any sector or in any geography.

The Acolyte platform uses powerful artificial intelligence algorithms & expert analysis to introduce the best fit candidates for you to interview with pinpoint accuracy

The ONLY recruitment product dedicated to locating passive talent

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Passive Candidates

Passive candidates are in employment and not looking for new roles. They are often the strongest candidates and will typically be the best fit for your vacancies

This large population is not visible to traditional search solutions and they do not apply for roles

Our platform utilises research technology that is so powerful and accurate that it will ensure the passive population is found AND that the strongest talent is always introduced to your vacancies

Active Candidates

Active candidates are already looking for jobs. This tiny proportion of the talent pool is where traditional recruitment services focus.

The Acolyte Platform accesses all leading job boards and thousands of speciality sites to ensure that your role gains maximum exposure in the active candidate market.

The right people. Every time.

Our platform offers powerful diagnostic capabilities, applied to each and every recruitment campaign. It will improve your hiring success exponentially and minimise the cost of filling your roles

Our Platform is Data-Rich

The Acolyte platform leaves you in complete control of your recruitment management. It is transparent, intuitive and intelligent, giving you full visibility of the entire process with at-a-glance dashboards that allow you to drill down to every stage

Salary Benchmarking


Diversity & Inclusivity

Talent Hotspots

Competitor Activity

Candidate Sentiment

                The Acolyte Platform will enable you to:

  • Fill vacancies quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively.
  • Ensure hiring managers meet the best talent out there. 
  • Capture powerful real-time talent data to support commercial & hiring decisions.
  • Naturally attract a diverse workforce.
  • Access the data that helps ensure their staff stay for the long haul.
  • Ensure even unsuccessful candidates eulogise about their recruitment process.
  • Above all, know that all of their chosen candidates would choose them over their competitors. Hands down. Every time.

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