Attraction Audit

THE answer to filling challenging vacancies

  • When the tried and tested recruitment channels have failed, do expensive agencies feel like the only way forward?
  • Does the business assume that candidates are always available and are putting increasing pressure on HR and recruitment teams?
  • Are difficult to hire roles having a material impact on your business's ability to meet growth objectives?

Are difficult to hire roles having a material impact on your business’s ability to meet their objectives?

Our Attraction Audit will give you a detailed understanding of not only the availability of this key talent but also their motivators and drivers.

It will also help you to understand how effectively your Employer Value Proposition is being used (and received) and what the candidate experiences as they interact with your opportunity and organisation.

This insight will really help you attract this key talent and ensure the business can meet it’s objectives.

Features & Benefits

Understand Key Motivators

Provide a real understanding of the key motivators and drivers of your target candidate population.

Competition Analysis

Analyse current levels of competition for talent in your specific candidate market and access insight into the competitive environment and the behaviours of companies that are successfully hiring this talent.

Market Mapping

Map your market to understand the depth of the target candidate pool. Gain visibility on the location, presence and scale of the available talent in the candidate pool.

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