Retention Review

Understand the impact of retention on your strategic objectives and access the insight you need to reduce churn in your business

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Optimise your Talent Retention

Retaining key talent is vitally important for any organisation to succeed.

Staff churn can put extra pressure on recruitment teams and management, and can have a significant impact on your business’s ability to hit targets and grow. We audit your organisation and talent markets to identify areas to reduce churn.


Actionable Retention Insights

Our Retention Review provides you with tailored insights on key retention issues and challenges including what key skills you are losing, why staff are leaving and which of your competitors are targeting them.

Giving you the opportunity to implement key strategies to help retain your staff.

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How we help you improve talent retention

Vacancy Analysis

Gain the insight necessary to reduce churn in your business including understanding the motivators and drivers for departing staff.

Turnover Benchmarking

Benchmark your employee turnover against key competitors or aspirational target companies.

Competitor Analysis

Examine which competitors are most aggressively targeting your staff including an analysis of their most successful attraction techniques.

Recruitment Targets

Clarity over what skills and experience you are losing and what you may need to target from an ongoing recruitment perspective.

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