Employer Branding Audit

Maximise your talent attraction potential by ensuring that your employer value proposition is communicated clearly and consistently across recruitment channels

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Do you know how candidates perceive your organisation?

The branding of your organisation can have a big effect on how a candidate may perceive your company.

Your branding may not be consistently communicated at all points where the candidate may engage with you or you may already know your branding is a barrier to recruitment success.


Bespoke Insight to Increase the Impact of your Employer Brand

We can help you by maximising your talent attraction potential and ensuring your Employee Value Proposition is communicated clearly and consistently across all recruitment channels.

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Powerful Data to provide answers to important strategic questions

  • Are you keen to benchmark the quality of your recruitment team against the talent employed at other organisations?
  • Would insight into the make-up and profile of rival companies offer competitive advantage?
  • Would being able to see the team structure at competitors or rival companies give you the opportunity of expanding your team?

How an EVP Audit will help you

Organisational Map

Understand leadership structures, interpret reporting lines and locate key staff working within a function or level at target organisations.

Retention & Mobility Analysis

Analyse retention and mobility within the team to identify potential for targeted recruitment campaigns

Organisations Team Trends

Identify trends in experience, qualification and skills in the team structure. Providing detailed insight into the strength of your competitors team.

How is success achieved?

Recognise other companies that have successfully pursued staff in your target’s business along with insight into how they have achieved success.

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