Diversity & Inclusivity

Demonstrating the link between diversity and commercial performance, benchmarking against your peers and celebrating your inclusivity successes


Data to define your D&I Initiatives

Everyday, more and more businesses recognise the value of Diversity & Inclusivity in their talent base to bring different experiences, skills and perspective to every day business challenges.

Our insight allows you to demonstrate the link between Diversity and commercial performance as well as providing you with a framework to benchmark your performance against your own internal targets and that of your peers.

Most importantly, it helps celebrate your successes both internally and externally.


Unique D&I Insight for your Talent Markets 

Our D&I data is created bespoke for your individual needs. So it will benchmark you against your talent competitors, dig into their successes and failure and show you how you compare to your talent market. 

Real tangible goals to help you define success for your initiatives.

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8 Steps to D&I Success

Download this whitepaper to get 8 simple steps you can implement today to ensure you are maximising D&I initiative success. 


How we help you measure & improve D&I at your organisation

Industry Benchmarking

We research and present industry benchmarks across each of the 5 key protected characteristics and analyse key findings.

Business Case Creation

We build the business case that will link diversity and inclusivity to commercial performance for your business

Competitor Analysis

We examine the diversity and inclusivity performance of aspirational companies or competitors. This gives us genuine insight into how your peers and the organisations you benchmark yourself against are doing in this area.

Commercial Performance

We assess the impact that diversity has on commercial performance, helping generate buy-in from stakeholders in your organisation.

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