Organisational Mapping

Research a target company's organisational structure, the skills and experience of their team, influential team members and assess the potential for targeted campaigns

  • Are you keen to benchmark the quality of your recruitment team against the talent employed at other organisations?
  • Would insight into the make-up and profile of rival companies offer competitive advantage?
  • Would being able to see the team structure at competitors or rival companies give you the opportunity of expanding your team?

Your competitors organisational structure, the skills and experience of their team and whether they have influential team members all offer unique insights into what makes those organisations prosper.

Understanding the structure and quality of your team compared to the talent of employers at comparable organisations can offer invaluable insights.

And sometimes just being able to see the structure and makeup of teams at rival companies can give you the opportunity to expand your own.

This visibility is something we can offer you with our Organisational Mapping report.

Features & Benefits

Organisational Map

Understand leadership structures, interpret reporting lines and locate key staff working within a function or level at target organisations.

Retention & Mobility Analysis

Analyse retention and mobility within the team to identify potential for targeted recruitment campaigns

Team trends

Identify trends in experience, qualification and skills in the team structure. Providing detailed insight into the strength of your competitors team.

How is success achieved?

Recognise other companies that have successfully pursued staff in your target’s business along with insight into how they have achieved success.

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