Competitor Talent


Mitigate the threat to your recruitment strategy and improve your ability to attract and engage talent against a key competitor

  • Is this competitor targeting talent within your business and if so, how successful are they?
  • How is this competitor able to attract quality staff in difficult to hire areas and is there anything that can be learned from them to improve your talent attraction strategies?
  • Are there gaps within the recruitment strategies of your competitor that you can exploit in the battle for the best talent?

Our competitor talent x-ray insight helps to create an advantage for you in the talent market. It focuses on identifying threats to your recruitment strategy and improves your ability to attract and engage talent against your key competitors.

Your business may be vulnerable to competitors targeting talent within your company or your competitors may be better at attracting the quality staff you need.

We can help improve your talent attraction strategies and also potentially exploit gaps in your competitors strategies too.

Features & Benefits

Competitor Activity

Examine your competitor’s current recruitment focus and highlight their key recruitment activities and strategies.


Provide a detailed analysis that focuses on skills and experiences being lost & gained from your competitors and in which geographies you compete.

Targeting by Competitors

Understand which skills are being targeted in your organisation and how your competitor is achieving their success.

Competitor Risk

Access a clear understanding of the risk a specific competitor poses to your existing staff and their potential appeal to the talent market.

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