The Apostle Platform

The data-rich digital recruitment and talent intelligence tool

Apostle Overview

Apostle is a digital platform that gives employers direct access to every candidate at every level in any sector or geography.

Apostle’s USP is the ability to identify and engage with passive candidates as well as those individuals who are actively looking for roles.

The product dovetails with your existing recruitment technologies and teams. Most importantly the platform is incredibly data-rich. Gathering intelligence from every campaign to help HR Leaders drive the talent agenda and imbed recruitment success throughout the business.

Apostle Recruit

Proactively fill vacancies with our innovative recruitment platform

Recruitment platform

Apostle Intelligence

Research, Data & Digital Tools to help Talent Leaders

Intelligence platform

Why choose Apostle?

We find candidates in the passive market

Quality candidates are usually not actively looking for roles. With Apostle we can reach a passive audience that are perfect for your job role.

We show powerful and interesting insights

We find important and useful insights that can make positive changes to your recruitment processes. You cannot find these anywhere else.

We dovetail with your recruitment team and ATS

We integrate with your current technologies and support your existing recruitment and HR teams.


Creating success with our clients

Access the best candidates

“Professional, quick to deliver results & cost effective. We trailed contingent agencies alongside Acolyte and the best and successful candidates came via the Acolyte Platform”


Stakeholder Success

“The Acolyte platform allows us to truly get to the bottom of what the hiring managers are looking for on each and every role”

Amazing Candidate Experience

“I successfully went through the Board succession selection process. It’s a great outcome for me! And none of this would have happened without Acolyte, so thank you so much!”

CFO, Global Telco

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One of our client success experts will gladly guide you through the entire Apostle platform, via video call or face to face.

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