Employer Value Proposition

We expertly build your EVP by telling your story, in your words.. focused on what we know that candidates find important

  • Would your business benefit from an EVP that creates competitive advantage and is focused on attracting, retaining and engaging quality people?
  • Do you need a mission statement that clearly celebrates why the experience of working with you is more rewarding than working anywhere else?
  • Would distilling your unique culture and celebrating your commitment to employee growth help you to engage talent effectively across all of your recruitment messaging?

A compelling EVP can create competitive advantage and helps organisations attract, retain and engage quality people.

We can expertly build your Employee Value Proposition by looking at what candidates find important and telling your story in your words in a way that we know will resonate with the people you’re looking for.

Features & Benefits

EVP Creation

Create an EVP that energises talent acquisition and maximises the volume of successful hires. Enhance candidate interest from talent that understands and appreciates your culture and recognises what makes you unique.

Brand Benchmarking

Benchmark the value of your brand in the talent market against your key talent competitors.

Content Analysis

Analyse your marketing literature and imagery to understand how you really want to be seen by the world. Genuine insight into the touch points that will resonate with your candidate market.

Improve Recruitment

Accelerate recruitment times, reduce cost per hire, and access the very best candidates in your talent community.

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