Employer Branding

Maximise your talent attraction potential by ensuring that your employer value proposition is communicated clearly and consistently across recruitment channels

  • Do you want to eliminate barriers to recruitment success?
  • Is your employer value proposition and employer branding being consistently communicated at all points where a candidate may engage with your company?
  • Are you experiencing recruitment challenges that would benefit from a candidate's perspective including how they engage with your opportunities?

The branding of your organisation can have a big effect on how a candidate may perceive your company.

Your branding may not be consistently communicated at all points where the candidate may engage with you or you may already know your branding is a barrier to recruitment success.

We can help you by maximising your talent attraction potential and ensuring your Employee Value Proposition is communicated clearly and consistently across all recruitment channels.

Features & Benefits

Communication Review

Review all social media channels, professional networking sites and your wider corporate literature to understand how your EVP is being communicated.

Job Description Review

Test to ensure that your management team are reflecting your EVP in their candidate engagement and job descriptions.

Candidate Experience

Explore what it looks and feels like to apply to your organisation from a candidate perspective. The ability to see the appeal of your vacancies from the candidate’s perspective across the wider talent market.

Barriers to Success

Understand barriers to potential recruitment success.

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