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Talent Trends for 2022 part 2: The best talent needs incentivising to switch roles


In this 6 part series we are exploring key talent trends for 2022 and how they will impact hiring practices. In part 2 we look at how organisations need to focus on how the most valuable talent is already in role and what is required attract them.

A key challenge for employers is that the highest performing talent is not part of the active jobseeker group. They are content with their current role, package and career progression options. In a recruitment environment, these are termed ‘passive’ candidates.

Passive talent is valuable. Not only are these candidates typically the strongest performers but, if you can attract them, then they are likely to stay for the long term.

This is because they are in a position to make considered career decisions. They are less likely than active jobseekers to accept a role that is ill-suited as they are not under pressure to move.

Organisations will need to work hard in 2022 to find and incentivise passive talent to join. The strategies employed will include:

  • Using emerging talent technologies to map, locate and engage passive candidates.
  • Profiling key talent pools to learn what will attract and motivate them (e.g. the growing importance of remote or hybrid working to employees).
  • Employing new strategies such as hire-to-promote rather than looking for more experienced candidates.

To read more about this and other talent trends for 2022 download the full talent trends report.


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