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PART 1: Talent Trends for 2022 – How the pandemic may actually help organisations solve the talent gap


In this 6 part series, we are exploring key talent trends for 2022 and how they will impact hiring practices. In part 1 we look at how organisations are embracing data and changes in working practices are allowing organisations to hire for even the hardest-to-fill roles…

In 2020, the global COVID pandemic resulted in the introduction of remote working across large numbers of organisations. Businesses faced unprecedented disruption and employees were left feeling isolated.

However, by 2021 the business world had adjusted to remote working and organisations have discovered that staff are equally as productive in this environment. In fact, flexible, hybrid working is now an expectation for employees. According to the Future Forum Pulse, a survey of over 10,000 employees, 76% of workers do not want to return to full-time office work, and 93% want flexibility when they work.

In 2022, this candidate preference for remote or hybrid roles, along with data tools that identify the location of candidates, will significantly impact the hiring strategies for key talent groups. HR and talent leaders now have a unique opportunity to expand their search beyond local regions and solve talent challenges by accessing candidate pools that are not usually available to them.

Insight from the Acolyte platform shows that this trend has already begun. 53% of hiring campaigns had an expanded search radius whilst 45% more campaigns considered hiring in multiple locations as opposed to pre-pandemic.

To read more about this and other talent trends for 2022 download the full talent trends report.


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