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DATA SCIENTISTS - Candidate Profile Whitepaper


Acolyte’s ‘Talent Profiling’ series is part of a suite of intelligence products designed to help HR & Talent Professionals proactively and successfully attract and retain the talent their organisation needs.

In this whitepaper we have analysed Data Scientist Talent and what motivates them. Data Scientists work closely with business stakeholders to understand their strategy and determine how data can be used to achieve their goals. They extract, analyse and interpret large amounts of data and transform it into a more usable format for decision makers, presenting it to them clearly and concisely.

These individuals are part mathematician, part computer scientist and part trend-spotter. They are highly sought-after and can attract lucrative reward packages.

This intelligence is designed to guide you as you develop your employer value proposition, helping you to communicate and emphasise the things that really make you stand out as an employer.


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