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A guide to attracting and retaining Tech Talent

The competition for Tech Talent is ever increasing. Here are Acolyte's 5 key priorities for employers to introduce as part of their Tech Talent Strategy.


In today’s innovation-driven economy, where new exciting companies are born daily and the focus of traditional organisations is shifting to how to use technology to protect and grow existing markets, quality technology talent can be very hard to come by. 

What makes matters worse is that once you’ve managed to find and hire a developer, there is a constant threat of other companies poaching from your team. 

The 2018/19 Annual Membership Survey from The Forum for In-House Recruitment Managers (the membership organisation for in-house recruiters) identifies that the biggest challenge identified by employers in 2018/2019 was hiring quality candidates in an increasingly competitive market. Specifically, recruiters continue to highlight their concerns on a lack of specialist candidates, particularly for areas such as Technology and Digital.

Employers are increasingly being forced to rely on a contract workforce as software engineers with niche skills are attracted to the monetary rewards and flexibility of a contingent working environment. 

Companies who prioritise the benefits of building permanent technology and development teams need to work harder than ever to attract the talent they need and avoid the pitfalls of candidates with sought after specialisms being counter-offered by their current employers.

Candidate experience is everything in a tough market for hiring and keeping recruitment ‘human’ is critical.

Here are the 5 key priorities for employers who want to bring talented developers into permanent employment and retain their existing development workforce.


“An entrepreneurial culture and a feeling of being ’there at the beginning’ of a project is a powerful motivator for Developers. Talent in this field wants to belong and share in a journey with colleagues that they respect and can learn from”


“For many developers, career development is defined by increases to skills and experiences and is measured specifically by the range, variety and importance of the projects they are exposed to. Greenfield projects, or projects using the latest technology are primary drivers”


“Providing exposure to the latest technological trends and appropriate training in different programming languages are strong motivators. Strong candidates will be passionate about coding and will build familiarity with programming languages outside of their core expertise)”


“Code creation is considered a work of art by many developers, as it requires high levels of imagination and talent. Attract the best talent and boost productivity by providing the latest technology and encourage collaboration with comfortable break out areas and well-equipped meeting spaces”


“Developers are financially motivated to earn fair remuneration. However, for permanent staff, once a comfortable income level is achieved motivators such as culture, journey, access to technology, professional development and the types of project worked on become more prominent drivers”


Competition for Tech Talent is already high and this situation is only going to worsen as more and more organisations move to digital solutions and increase their reliance on Tech Professionals. 

Those companies who recognise what motivates Tech Talent and the importance of outlining their opportunity and it’s benefits through the eyes of Tech Professionals will be more successful in attracting and retaining staff in this key area of their business.

It’s also vitally important to ensure that once you’ve managed to get Tech Talent interested in your opportunity that the Talent Acquisition process is integrated with the “People Strategy” and everyone is focused on the candidate experience.

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