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8 STEPS TO… Measure Recruitment Performance (KPIs)


In a competitive talent market, the commercial impact of open vacancies in an organisation is high and has the potential to significantly affect the performance of the business. Employers are becoming increasingly aware of these costs and are investing in ways to manage and monitor recruitment performance.

Fill Rates, Cost per Hire, Time to Hire & Retention Rates are well established recruitment KPIs that offer a powerful macro perspective on the performance of an employer’s recruitment strategy.

Managing and monitoring data provided by live recruitment campaigns provides exceptional insight and the opportunity to refine campaigns real-time.

In this report we discuss 8 key steps to measuring and monitoring recruitment performance and discuss how this insight can be used to effectively maximise hiring success.


Acolyte's Digital Platform helps employers assess the recruitment process at each step providing in-depth analysis and transparency of data directly from the talent market and empowers decision makers to redefine their recruitment strategies and attract and retain the very best talent.

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