Apostle Recruit

The first insight led recruitment platform, that introduces you to the exceptional people you need to hire... Even if they aren't actively looking for a new role


Our talent engine curates highly refined and complete talent populations.

We engage and nurture the best talent in the market, exciting them about the role and introducing the best talent to your business.

  • Great candidates don’t apply. They discovery new opportunities through personal and social networks.
  • Recruitment that only approaches active candidates will ALWAYS compromise on quality.
  • The best candidates respond to companies that value them for more than just a CV
  • They are often open to moving if approached with the right role in the right way.

The benefits of using Apostle

Reduce recruitment costs

Employers minimise the cost of hiring by locating the right candidate with Apostle.

High quality candidates

We decode your job description and check every available source to ensure we find the best candidates that fit your criteria.

Greater retention in fulfilled roles

Clients using Apostle experience less churn with candidates placed using this platform retained for longer.

Encourages efficiency

By removing the burden of research and administration, HR and internal recruitment teams find themselves filling job roles more efficiently.

Easy to use and intuitive

Apostle has been designed with users in mind and is easy to navigate throughout the recruitment process.

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One of our client success experts will gladly guide you through the entire Apostle platform, via video call or face to face.

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