About The Issue

As the economies of the region develop other aspects of life in Asia, such as animal welfare, remain stubbornly rooted in the past

Often through lack of education, animals are overworked, ignored, starved or destroyed through sheer indifference or misguided attempts to control populations

What is being done?

Some incredible people have given up their livelihoods and moved to Asia to help – and they are making a real difference!

These local charities create rescue centres where stray or injured animals can be re-homed or cared for by the centre by workers and volunteers.

Education programmes are run to teach local communities how to interact and care for animals. 

Sterilisation programmes control populations (and dissuade villagers from mass cullings which are tragically commonplace)

Is it working?

The wonderful news is that these incredible people are making a real difference.

Take Janie in Palolem, India who founded ARC (Animal Rescue Centre). She, and her team of amazing volunteers, have been responsible for saving the lives of thousands of animals and has eradicated rabies from the whole Canacona region


Or Marina at the Dog Care Clinic in Talpe, Sri Lanke. The work this team do is staggering and the difference they have made to the behaviour of villagers and their treatment of local animals is proof that a real difference can be made


What can we do to help?

Most of these charities are chronically underfunded. Medical equipment, food, supplies, vetinary costs, facilities and transport are prohibitively expensive

Challenges such as government bureaucracy and local apathy make the task undertaken by these inspiring people so challenging

Our Commitment

At Acolyte we want to raise awareness of the efforts and sacrafices made by these amazing people

As well as our monthly contributions, in 2013, we went one step further…

Orphaned as a young pup, Scamp in a desperate condition when she was found by our Managing Director, Alastair while on a business trip to Colombo.

She had been attacked the previous night and had lost part of her back leg, half an ear and was covered in bite marks. She was also starving and suffering from mange. 

Happily, with the help of the wonderful people in the dog-care clinic in Talpe, Scamp was nursed back to health and was brought back to the UK to act as Acolyte’s in-office mascot.

She is a common sight commuting back and forth to our London Bridge offices on her three little legs and is a remarkable member of the Acolyte team!

Get Involved 

If you are interested in finding out more about the tremendous work that these charities do, please feel free to follow one of the links below



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Street pup we rescued from Sri Lanka